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2013/05/02 - ITS Security Phishing Attempt

Updated May 02, 2013, at 9:46AM by jedge  | EmailServices

This morning ITS received reports that users were receiving a spam email from with the subject: Mailbox Exceeded Quota Limit.  This email was not a legitimate email from the University and is classified as a phishing email.  
This is a reminder to be very cautious in how you handle these types of messages.  ITS is currently looking into this matter:

******** Phishing Attempt**************
Dear User.
 Your mailbox has exceeded it's quota size/limits set by the administrator.
 From now you cannot be receiving all incoming emails and also some of your outgoing emails will not be delivered, your account will be deactivated within 24 hours from now. Failure to do this will result to limited access to your mailbox account while your account will remain inactive.
System Administrator

******** /Phishing Attempt ***************
The University email scanning service scans email for spam and viruses and
prevents a large portion of these emails from reaching our environment,
however, there are occasions where a cleverly crafted phishing message will get
past the scanners -- and these are typically crafted in such a way as to appear
to be legitimate on a cursory inspection.  When such a message gets past
the scanners, ITS reports the messages to the scanning vendor and, when possible,
removes the phishing messages from its email systems. These measures mitigate
the exposure.  They do not prevent or eliminate it.  Remember --
NEVER PROVIDE YOUR CREDENTIALS TO ANYONE -- even if the request appears

Please remember to use caution when you receive email that asks you for
personal information or requires you to click on a link.  FSU will never
ask for your FSUID and password credentials or other sensitive, personal
information in an email. If an e-mail contains a link to click on and you are
unsure of the validity of the e-mail, never click on the link. To confirm the
validity of any email of this nature, you should immediately contact the ITS
Service Desk at 850-644-HELP(4357). To report email messages that are either
offensive or appear to be spam, forward the email message along with the full
email headers to

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