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2013/06/12 - NWRDC Client Modified Password Policy

Updated June 20, 2013, at 8:48AM by jedge  | Latest Entries

NWRDC has recently modified its password policy and changed the behavior of some applications:
 Password Policy Changes:

  • All new ACF2 Passwords will be maintained as case sensitive entities
  • Your new case sensitive password must have at least one upper and one lower case character
  • Your new password cannot match your logon ID
  • Your new password cannot start with a list of reserved words (it will tell you if you try to use one of them)
  • Your new password cannot have been used as any of your previous 10 passwords

These new rules ONLY APPLY as a new password is being specified as part of the normal password cycle. This change does NOT force any immediate password change requirement.
Until you have been through a password change cycle, your current password is grandfathered in ASIS and does not have to be entered in any particular case.
Once you have been through a password change cycle, your password must be entered in the same case as when it was changed.

CICS Inactive-Terminal-Timeout
The Inactive-Terminal-Timeout process will be substantially changed. When your (IDLE) timeout value has been exceeded re-entering your password restores your terminal session without interruption. The IDLE timeout value is 30 minutes. After this change has been implemented you will be required to sign back on to CICS which will result in a restart of your terminal conversation.

All applications that link to the NWRDC supplied subprogram SECPASS may need to be changed.
The function of the SECPASS subroutine is to re-verify the password that goes with a particular Logon ID. One of two things must happen for SECPASS to continue functioning properly:
1. The data supplied to it must itself be case sensitive and that means the application must use the NWRDC supplied subprograms NWUTLWCA and NWUTUPCA so the case of the data entered on the 3270 terminal is maintained.
2. Any Logon ID whose passwords will be re-verified by the SECPASS subroutine must have been marked by a security manager as upper case password only.

Shadow Direct
If Shadow Direct is being used to access DB2 data and the ACF2 User ID used in that connection has had its password changed to a case sensitive value, there is a setting in the Shadow Direct Driver that needs to be changed. That change is required so that the password can be correctly verified.
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