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2013/06/27 - Connectivity Issues at Sliger RESOLVED

Updated June 27, 2013, at 10:21PM by suzkane  | Latest Entries

The issues that were causing connectivity problems at Sliger starting about 4:26 were resolved about 5:22 and everything was functioning as it should, except for the College of Engineering . The College of Engineering was disconnected from the core and engineers worked to bring that building back up. Campus email was down for about an hour and some email was delayed. 

The College of Engineering connectivity to the backbone was  restored by 9:00PM. Although some layer 2 pruning was performed inside the building, as well as at the BFS-C1/BFS-C2 core nodes that feed the building, we believe all vlans trunking to and from the building has been restored at this time and all the switches are up.

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